Legal fees are always quoted to you in advance. Immigration cases are charged on a flat-fee basis not on an hourly rate so there is no “running tab”. This way you know exactly how much your case will cost with no surprises! We will also outline any additional office disbursement charges as well as applicable government application fees. Our fees are very competitive. Since we restrict our practice only to immigration law, our office handles a wide range of cases which allows us to keep our fees reasonable without sacrificing service.

Our position on applying for a visa without the benefit of legal representation is a risk that is not worth taking-especially if you and your family are serious about successfully immigrating. While it is true that it is possible for you to represent yourself in some simple immigration matters, the reality is that in doing so you are taking a gamble.

Before taking you on as a client, we always conduct a comprehensive assessment of your specific situation. This involves listening to you, understanding your background, history and objectives. Only after getting a clear idea of your unique issues, can we provide you with solutions that will work.

Our goal is to resolve your legal problem in an efficient, cost effective manner. Our lawyers are trained to assess your specific legal issues, outline solutions that work and take the necessary steps to get you, your family or employees the necessary paperwork for Canadian status.

After conducting your immigration assessment, all our clients are asked to sign a “Retainer Agreement” that clearly outlines the nature of the case, the legal fees and other costs as well as our role as your lawyers and what we expect from you as our client. We will then send you a detailed list of documentation by email guiding you on what is needed for your file. We will also begin gathering the necessary information in order to complete any application forms, legal submissions or other paperwork necessary.

Processing times depend on: (i) the Canadian visa post through which you are applying; (ii) whether an Immigration interview is deemed necessary in your case; (iii) the complexity of your case; (iv) how well your case is presented; (v) the existing caseload in a Canadian visa post at a given time