163 Application Federal Skilled Worker applications are accepted

The new Federal Skilled Worker program accepted 163 applications as of mid July 2013.

The revamped federal skilled worker program was opened on May 4, 2013, and the new eligible occupations list  were released.

The eligible occupations stream will have an overall cap of 5,000 new applications and sub-caps of 300 applications in each of the 24 occupations on the list.

While CIC will not be accepting applications for the 24 eligible occupations until May 4, there are some new requirements that applicants can start preparing for, such as language tests and foreign educational credential assessments. The complete application process will be available on CIC’s website by May 4.

All individuals who are considering applying on or after May 4 should be aware that if their application does not meet the new criteria, it will not be processed. A prospective applicant should ensure they ave at least one year of continuous work experience in one of the 24 eligible occupations.

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